Our history – visualized

Visualized history

What does women’s fashion, politics and bird flu have in common? Not necessarily anything. But the biggest stories in our life is now available in visual language. Fast Company expands our idea of mindmapping in their new book The Visual Miscallanium. And it’s awsome!

history visualized 02

history visualized 03

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  1. Christer Bengtsson says:


    I really liked your illustrations, Visualized-history.jpg, and visualized-02.png. However, the resolution is not good enough to see/read the details.

    Are these illustrations available in better resolution?

    Best regards,
    Christer Bengtsson

  2. Peter Froberg says:

    Hi Christer
    They are from illustrations in Fast Company. If you visit the link at the bottom of the post, you will find the original versions in a better resolution.

    Best Regards