EuViz – The last days…

Better late than never… We are now back in Copenhagen and here is a little recap from day 2 and 3 at the EuViz Conference in Berlin.


Day 2 was about expanding views and we all participated in several sessions to learn more about skills, methods, practice and get inspired. In the afternoon we continued sharing where we dove into stories together with David Sibbet.

On day 2 together with Loa I attended a session by Michelle Boos-Stone about Selling Clients Not Just Visuals, But a Powerful EXPERIENCE with Visuals. The session was about thinking out of the box to serve your clients and Rachel was so kind to share her experiences and knowledge with us.

_MG_2006 _MG_1996 _MG_2007

Michelle Boos-Stone: Selling Clients Not Just Visuals, But A Powerful EXPERIENCE with Visuals

Later same day Thomas, Loa and I were a part of a sessions by Barbara Siegel What they think when we draw. Neurocognition and Graphic Facilitation. This session was very much inspiring where Barbara talked about how viewers’ brains are processing visual information while we draw.

_MG_2015 _MG_2016

Barbara Siegel: What they think when we draw. Neurocognition and Graphic Recording



On Friday Day 3 it was time to visit one of the 5 tracks again. The day was also about exploring possibilities and connecting the last dots. We did open space sessions and everyone had the chance to add a topic or a burning question to the agenda.



On day 3 I was on track 1 MENTAL MODELS for ADVANCED VISUAL FACILITATION facilitated by David Sibbet and Rachel Smith. This track was about metaphors and mental models for systems and becoming aware of when and how we use them. Shortly after the track I interviewed Rachel Smith. Her key takeaway was that the diversity of perspectives really strengthened the discussions and the outcome was diversity in metaphors.

_MG_2029 _MG_2035 _MG_2047

David Sibbet & Rachel Smith: Mental Models for ADVANCED VISUAL FACILITATION

Meanwhile the rest of the Bigger Picture team facilitated track 3 EDUCATION, LEARNING & TRAINING. Together with the participants Bigger Picture brainstormed on how a future scenario for education, learning and training in the field of graphic facilitation could look like.

_MG_2053 _MG_2076

EuViz – Day 1


Our first day at the EuViz conference in Berlin has come to an end and we are in the middle of day two. Yesterday was all about getting together and connecting the first dots by discovering patterns. We went through a day with world café sessions, visuals recordings, conversations, drawings and 5 tracks with different agendas for Visual Thinkers, Practitioners, Graphic Recorders and Facilitators.









During day 1 Ole and Loa facilitated track 3 about Education, Learning & Training. Asking questions like “When will the world see its first master degree in Graphic/Visual Facilitation and when will it become part of national education plans? Together with the participants they explored existing patterns and future possibilities for visual thinking and practice in educational settings.





In the meantime I was at track 2 about Business, Collaboration and Leadership facilitated by Sabine Soeder, Christine Chopyak and Ulric Rudebeck. In this session we expanded and explored questions like “What would the world look like if visuals and facilitation were part of day-to-day business and could business visuals redefine business? We had conversations about the business definition, success and fear. Through conversations, story sharing and drawing we connected the first dots towards a common understanding or maybe even vision. My key takeaway was the process of exploring and defining the word business. It was inspiring to twist and turn business up-side-down, have conversation and share and discuss individual definitions.


Today I did a short interview with Sabine Soeder and Christine Chopyak to talk about their key takeaways and surprising moments from yesterday’s track. One of Sabine’s key takeaways and what really inspired her was the stretching of the business definition and that people were really going beyond expectations. To this Christine added that the patterns and results so far can become elements of a common vision.

To read more about Sabine, Christine and Ulric visit their websites

Sabine Soeder

Christine Chopyak

Ulric Rudebeck


Neuland also made or day colorful



To explore more harvesting from the conference visit the link attached. There will be updates during the conference.


EuViz in Berlin

Yesterday Ole, Loa, Thomas and I arrived in Berlin to be a part of the EuViz conference for Visual Thinkers, Practitioners and Facilitators. The next couple of days we will share photos, small interviews and short recaps of the conference.

During our visit in Berlin we are staying at the cool Hotel Michelberger. Their garden has been a great outdoor office while preparing for the conference and Bigger Picture’s track about Education, Learning and Training, which Ole and Loa will be facilitating Wednesday and Friday.

Yesterdays sunny outdoor office


Thomas Thorhauge drawing the last Visuals for Bigger Picture’s track about Education, Learning and Training.


About EuViz

EuViz is a three day European conference in Berlin for Visual Thinkers, Practitioners, Graphic Recorders and Facilitators. It is about connecting the global movement of working with visual language, facilitating, communicating, and learning. This year it is all about connecting the dots of the field by discovering patterns, exploring possibilities and expanding views.

To see the program and read more about the conference click on the link below

We are really looking forward to some inspiring days in Berlin.

Join us here



Our 10 Year Anniversary

As you might know we celebrated our 10 year anniversary on October 4th. To all of you who participated – Thank you for a lovely day. It wouldn’t have been the same without you. We hope you had a playful and inspiring day – like we did.

To those who could not make it thank you for the greetings – it has been overwhelming.

Revisit or get a feeling of the day:

The Visual Agenda – Click to enlarge or download


Watch a short Video of the day

See pictures from the day

Plenum session – Business Model Generation

The Visual summary of Patrick Van der Pijl’ presentation “Where Design Meets Business”.


Visit their homepage here:


Workshop – Graphic Facilitation Training Template

Click on the image to watch and download our Graphic Facilitation Training Template


Workshop – Animated Video

This video was produced during our 1 hour video workshop showing ideas on future leadership skills – co-created by participants.

Workshop – Icon Library

Pick up icons for your field – Co-created at our workshop: Boost your Icon Library.


Neuland made our day colourful

We got to try all the gear a graphic facilitator can dream of – And we simply LOVE their new whiteboard markers. Visit their homepage and get inspired by their great facilitation tools:




Graphic Facilitation Training Template

The template has been introduced in Hawaii and New York with input collected from around 90 members of the International Forum of Visual Facilitators ( Thank you to everyone!

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