The big picture of Danish sports 2015

The National Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation of Denmark (DIF) gathered 600 people from the Danish sports world for 3 days in March 2015 to debate the present and future of Danish sports. The headline was “Must sport save the world? – Or must the world save sport?”. The participants and keynote speakers discussed challenges, opportunities, goals and dreams. Bigger Picture was on the spot to catch as much as possible on paper. Look at the result here, click on the picture to enlarge:


The drawing is 2.5 x 6 meters, and you’ll find a visual summary of the event along the three sides of the drawing. In the middle of the drawing the essences of the 25 group sessions are pictured, and in the top of the drawing near the horizon the ideas for the future of sports are located.

Once a day we gave the audience an update on the progression of the event walking them through the details of the drawing.


During the 25 sessions, we worked together with a team of “knowledge collectors”, who helped us provide content to the drawing. As you can see on the next photos, the collectors filled out templates during the different sessions and returned with the main points and ideas, which we incorporated in the drawing making them visible for the rest of the participants.

DSC00652 DSC00653

After the event, the drawing was scanned and mailed to all the participants making it possible for them to relive the event as well as enable then to engage others in dialogue around the key points.

Learning Graphic Facilitation with Bigger Picture

How do you figure out what to draw?

That is very often a question a graphic facilitator asks oneself when preparing for or on the fly in a meeting.

Once you have decided that you want to be more visual in meetings, you have bought all the tools needed (Tools) and you have gotten started with some basic drawing techniques (7 Elements), you will eventually face the challenge of creating icons for a specific context or moment.

The video “8th Element” gives you the basics for doing this. After more than 10 years of experience with trial and error, curiosity and endless sketches, we have narrowed it down to 3 steps and 3 simple tips, which can get others started. Very often the words we want to visualize seem too complex and we stop trying even before we have begun.

The trick is to help the mind look beyond the complex and find the easy simple parts. Once you understand that practically everything can be boiled down to a handful of strokes, you will have found a way to create and expand your visual language. On your own, but even more importantly – with others.

We hope you find it useful.

Stay tuned for more videos around topics such as skills, tools and templates.


Watch or revisit the other videos here



Draw more, Together!

The Bigger Picture Team

John Cleese on creativity

We watched the very inspiring video of John Cleese about how to inspire creativity within yourself. We made a visual summary of it – and of course would like to share it with you. We in Bigger Picture believe that everyone can draw just as Cleese believes that “Creativity is not a talent – it’s a way of operating” – so grap your markers, open your mind and go to open mode!


Bigger Picture & Triodos Bank’s video on sustainable banking

We are really excited to share with you a video we made in collaboration with Triodos Bank. Click on the drawing from the video and watch it on Youtube.

BiggerPicture_Triodos_EnergyVisionIcons_22To read more about Triodos Bank, click here.

Looking back at EuViz14 in Berlin


Together with 240 people from all over the world we participated in the European Conference for Visual Thinkers, Practitioners, Graphic Recorders and Facilitators in Berlin. The Conference was about connecting the dots by discovering patterns, expanding views and exploring possibilities and actions.

EuViz 2014 was hosted by Neuland and Kommunikationslotsen – and their teamwork was an inspiration for everyone!


It was great to connect with new and old faces. We had interesting conversations and learned a lot by sharing stories and watching techniques. It was also great to travel together as a team and we finally started blogging again. And last but not least; We can’t wait to try out the new Work Visual APP by Holger Nils Pohl.



Bigger Picture hosted a track about Education, Learning and Training. Below the result from 2 days work around questions like: When will the world see its first master degree in Graphic/Visual Facilitation? When will (or where already) are skills taught in schools, at universities and in MBA programmes? When will it become part of national education plans?


As part of the track Søren Lybecker from DTU Management Engineering gave two short presentations. You can see both here: 1: Why is Strategic Visualization and Graphic Facilitation important for engineers? 2: The Future of Strategic Visualization and Graphic Facilitation?


Skærmbillede 2014-09-09 kl. 15.31.25Euviz14_Berlin_Track3_BP 1

Skærmbillede 2014-09-09 kl. 15.41.06Euviz14_Berlin_Track3_BP 2

Skærmbillede 2014-09-09 kl. 15.50.08Euviz14_Berlin_Track3_BP_3

Skærmbillede 2014-09-09 kl. 15.50.00


We enjoyed Berlin!